With a vision to make today's Artists, tomorrow's starz through Artist Development and guidance.

Anjelica Records is an Independent Record Label based in Central Arkansas with a vision to make today’s Artists, tomorrow’s stars!  This is done through Artist Development and guidance that will help the Independent Artist to stand out among the rest.

When Anjelica Records signs an Artist, it’s because we believe in that Artist.  We are confident that if the Artist follows the advisement and guidance of the label, we will be able to navigate that Artist into a successful career.  It’s imperative that the Artist adheres to the instructions of the label to achieve the desired results.  Because Anjelica Records is success driven, failure to follow instructions may lead to being dropped from the label.


Many Independent Artists make costly mistakes because they lack the guidance, understanding and knowledge of the music Industry.  While there are many things that an Artist can do for themselves, these things can be time consuming and take away from the time that an Artist should spend on cultivating their craft.  An Artist should be focused on rehearsing their music, learning new music, enhancing their stage presence and everything that it will take to captivate their audience and stay connected with their fans and followers.


While major labels have funding, being an Independent Label, Anjelica Records does not have the financial backing to provide Artists with advances or to pay for the media blitz.  However, with the ever-changing music Industry, Anjelica Records has the connections and resources to help navigate your career as an Artist in a more structured manner while helping you to SAVE money.


Anjelica Records requires a minimal monthly fee from each Artist for our services.  This small fee helps the label to stay in operation while we provide an invaluable service to the Artist.  This investment by the Artist also lets the label know that the Artist is serious about their music career.  Our fees and services are discussed in more detail with each Artist when there is a sincere, mutual interest in signing to the label.  If you’re ready to take your career to another level, we’ll take you there!  We’ll be more than happy to schedule a meeting or conference call to further discuss your career as an Artist.

Francez Riley


Francez Riley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anjelica Records.

Kevin Riley


Kevin Riley is the Chief Operating Officer of Anjelica Records.

Jansen Goodwin, Sr.


Jansen Goodwin, Sr. is the Artist & Repertoire Director of Anjelica Records.

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