Established out of the desire to assist Artists in taking their career to the next level.

Anjelica Records was established out of the desire to assist Artists in taking their careers to the next level, professionally.  So many artists have their talent, craft, singing, vocals, bands, etc. down to perfection; however, they lack much direction in conducting the day to day business affairs of their career.

We have heard over and over that in the music industry 10% is singing and 90% is business. There is so much truth to this statistic.   An artist may have all the talent in the world; however, if he/she does not have the business saavy to get songs copy written and published, to book events and follow through with all the business details that is needed to get paid for that gig, the singing is made null and void. 

Artist's marketing and promoting is a big part of an artist's career.  Not too many promoters and event coordinators hire artists whose promotional material is less than perfection.  An artist should have an EPK  (Electronic Press Kit) ready at all times.  Do you know what that is? He/she should have a contract and a rider ready to email upon request for bookings. There should be a separate booking agent or number for the artist.  People tend to want the cheap way out or want freebies when they deal directly with an artist; however, If they know they are calling a booking agent, it is less likely that they will ask for the artist to come for free, unless it is a genuine charitable event.

The artist should have proper accounting of all monies earned and spent for tax reporting purposes. Most artists forget that they are on the job when they are performing and that such payments are considered wages or earnings. Royalties are also reportable as income. 

An artist needs to be branded in order for his/her fan base to grow. Proper, professional marketing will accomplish that task. Social Network sites should be created and maintained professionally. Interviews and appearances should be scheduled and managed professionally for the artist. 

Advice is often needed as to what event to accept, which event to pay for, which gig to refuse, what to wear, proper stage appearance, correct public appearance etiquette, and even damage control should all be handled by a professional and not by the artist directly. Many, establish promoters, tour organizers, television networks, distributors, radio stations, will not work directly with an artist; however, they will sit down and discuss business with the professionals who manage the artist. For example, the label! 

And then there is the undeniable and unpleasant chance that someone will want to "get over" on the artist, and management will have to resolve the matter legally and professionally. 

For all these reasons, an artist should always consider representation either by a label, or a management team! At Anjelica Records, we provide many services for our artists, that allow them to focus on developing their talent rather than having to deal with all the business that must be dealt with daily.  We focus all our efforts into making certain that the artist is well represented on all avenues of his/her music industry career!

Give us a call if you would like to know more about the services that we offer Indie Artists. 334-316-3757 or email us for details

Francez Riley


Francez Riley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anjelica Records.

Kevin Riley


Kevin Riley is the Chief Operating Officer of Anjelica Records.

Jansen Goodwin, Sr.


Jansen Goodwin, Sr. is the Artist & Repertoire Director of Anjelica Records.

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